Know When You Need Help

Are you driving the focus, growth, and direction of your company, or are you overwhelmed by daily activities and frustrated with the company's progress and success?


No business fails overnight, there are always signs that indicate it may need help.

Is your company experiencing the warning signs?

  • Falling revenues 

  • Rising costs 

  • Increased competition 

  • Changing technology

  • Shifting markets 

  • Projects falling behind‚Äč

  • Sagging morale 

  • Rising stress levels 

  • Aging accounts receivables/payables 

  • Ineffective marketing or branding

  • lack of organization 

  • Poor/ non-actionable reporting

"George is a hard working professional consultant with the ability to see where a business needs direction, form a cohesive team to implement changes and motivate team members to grow professionally and personally and to excel at their work. He develops a positive relationship with vendors, customers, and employees that result in growth and profitability for clients. Any company would be lucky to have George on their team"

Jeff Voegeli, Manufacturer's Rep

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