What is Your Problem?

Updated: May 18, 2019

If Sales, Profit, and Growth are the primary objectives of business, then the problem is always, “how do you produce results year after year”?

Therefore, the solution to every business problem involves building and maintaining an engine that is able to produce sales and profit growth, year after year.

Develop your business’s engine using proven business principles; vision, strategy, planning, actionable reporting, team building, and discipline. I’ve led many different businesses and learned that these concepts are critical to a business’s long term success and common to every type of business, industry, and market condition.

It ultimately becomes the difference between a struggling business and those that thrive; motivated and engaged employees, or companies with high employee turnover; a happy retirement, or none at all.

Using a simple process that I developed over time, allows me to quickly analyze a business’s weaknesses and strengths, create the links between procedures and goals, and assess the capabilities of teams and their leaders. Some basic questions that I start with are; does the business have a clear vision / direction, is there an established path / clear plan, how is it being executed / is it successful?

You may ask, what do these questions have to do with driving growth (sales, profits, cash flow, expansion). Ever watch the TV program Gold Rush? If the sluice box is not aligned properly, it doesn’t catch any gold. You spend all your time and focus adjusting, modifying, and repairing the rig, which costs you time, expense, and lost gold.

It’s the same in business; if the elements of your business are not properly aligned you will be constantly chasing problems and losing gold. By having a broader knowledge of key business success factors and elevating your perspective to a higher vantage point, you gain a better understanding of how to achieve your goals and get from where you are to where you want to be!

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