What is the purpose/passion in your career or life? Has it changed?

Many people have a clearly defined career path and know exactly what they want in life. I wasn’t one of those people, I enjoyed facing new challenges, meeting new people, solving difficult problems, and building teams. The industry, position, or title wasn’t important. I was motivated/driven by results and money; it was the competition between me and the rest of the industry that kept me engaged and happy in my career. When asked what my passion/purpose is, I found it difficult to articulate.

At certain stages of my career, I’ve asked myself those questions; what is my passion/purpose and how do I get there? Finally, about a year ago I attended a seminar that helped me articulate my goals and start me down a new path. I realized the direction and purpose of my life had changed significantly and I was reinvigorated and inspired to follow it.

At first I struggled with the exercise, until the instructor suggested starting with my values and what makes me angry (actual words -”pissed me off”). This gave me the clarity and focus to begin. Although my answers are brief and a bit altruistic, it gave me the confidence to boldly move in a new direction.

Below are the questions and my responses from the exercise. Let me know what’s important to you and how you stay on your life’s plan. I'm curious about how others have found their passion and purpose, please share your story.

What kind of world do I want to live in?

Me: a world where people have mutual respect for each other, people working together for a common good, co-operation vs self-indulgence and obsessive behaviors.

What kind of world do I want my children to live in?

Me: Family-centric, educated / truth based, caring, and self-aware

What “pisses” me off?

Me: Ignorant people, closed mindedness, unyielding people, nay-sayers

What brings me joy at work?

Me: winning as a team, others that “see the light” and reaching their potential, able to listen, learn, and succeed because of it.

Who am I?

Me: Family focused, team oriented, curious, always looking to discuss/debate ideas and learn from people with different opinions and backgrounds.

Who do I want to be?

Me: More empathetic and charitable

What communities do I want to be a part of?

Me: Charitable, mentoring, development focused, sharing knowledge and abilities. Outward vs inward focused

What communities no longer serve me?

Me: Ego driven, self-serving, self-promoting

What communities do I want to create?

Me: Teamwork, mentoring, shared values. Most importantly open, responsible, educated communities able to have civil exchanges of ideas to find common ground in solving difficult problems

What leaders inspire me?

Me: Those with broad backgrounds that listen, interested in what others have to say

What is my greatest hope for people?

Me: for people to be honest, open and caring, respect each other and be tolerant of opposing beliefs / ideas / values; able to find common ground, a culture of learning from each other. Peace, love, hope

What is my purpose?

Me: to lead, teach, inspire people to be better. Become a unifying force to unite family, teams, and people. Help people and organizations learn how to identify and solve the right problems

Good luck answering these questions for yourselves and defining your purpose!

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