Set Yourself Up for Lasting Success

American Business is Overwhelmingly Small Business. They are the Incubators for Innovation & Employment Growth for our country.

The Office of Advocacy defines Small Business as an independent business with fewer than 500 employees.

  • As of 2018, there are 30.2 million Small Businesses in the U.S. representing 99% of all Businesses

  • 18.5% or 5.6 million are Employer firms

  • 89% of Employer Firms have Fewer than 20 workers

Small Business Success is Critical, they Fuel our Economy and are the Innovators and Employers of our local communities.

Sadly, Only 33% of Small Businesses Survive more than 10 Years. Over 20% of companies fail in their first year, and 50% of companies fail in 5 years.

What can you do to insure the success of your business and provide a lasting income stream for your family and your employees?

Recognizing the Problems and Opportunities

Ask Yourself:

  1. Are you driving the focus, progress and direction of your company, or are you overwhelmed by daily activities and problems?

  2. Is your business controlling you?

  3. Can you look at your business objectively and recognize where you may need help?

Are these happening to you?

  • Sales growth beyond your control

  • Falling revenues / Rising costs

  • Increased competition / Ineffective marketing

  • Changing technology / Shifting markets

  • Projects falling behind / Sagging morale

  • Rising stress levels / No brand image

  • Aging accounts receivables/payables

  • lack or organization / Poor/ non-actionable reporting

Set Yourself Up for Lasting Success

1. Focus on the goals that matter; Generate Profit Year after Year

- Grow revenue

- Grow operating profits (reduce expenses, improve efficiency)

- Expand (new markets, products, customers, acquisitions)

2. Develop the Ability to Strategize, Lead, Track, and Adjust your Business;

Plan, Plan, Plan; de-risk your strategies before you spend time and money

- Annual Business and Financial Planning

- Identify Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)

- Actionable reporting (quick and simple, tied to KPI’s and budgets)

- Measurable Brand and Market Strategies

- Budgeting, Operating reports and Cash flow management

3. Build a Capable & Reliable team able to work independently

- A team that knows and understands the mission statement, business plans, KPI’s, company culture and customer service expectations

Begin on the Path of Success

1. Know your Market, Identify your Niche and target customers

2. Understand how all the pieces of your business fit together and the key drivers that impact your success

3. Establish a clear vision of your goals

4. Develop long term strategies and plans

5. Focus on Sales & Profit Growth, while improving cash flow

6. Maintain operating disciplines and strict financial control

7. Gain more personal time to do the things you enjoy most

Expand Your Network, Gain Access to Experience, Proven Practices, More

- Find Experienced Executives that will work with you to inspire new ideas, help navigate problems and roadblocks, create and implement easy to follow procedures, and clarify the goals for your team

- Get Results! Improve Sales, Profit, and cash flow while gaining more personal time to do the things you enjoy most.

Develop the Skills and Networks Necessary for your Business to Survive. Your Business, Families, Employees, & Community are Counting On You!

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