Seeing the Big Picture

So many times I talk with business owners and team leaders that don’t see the value in investing time or money in a full planning process. The planning process allows you to de-risk your strategies and validate its potential, clarify your targets, establish measurable goals, gain input from and provide direction for your team. It provides you the greatest chance for long term success.

Seeing the Big Picture

Ever put together a puzzle? Most people choose a puzzle based on the finished picture or degree of difficulty in solving the puzzle. Whether it’s 500 or 5000 pieces, people typically look at the end result (picture on the box) before beginning. They strategize on how they want to execute their plan, and then begin building the puzzle one section at a time maybe starting with the edges, colors, or pattern designs. This becomes the foundation for their entire approach to completing the puzzle.

Business is about solving problems of value and efficiently putting the pieces together to attain a desired outcome. Like the puzzle, the best way to begin is to know the desired outcome first! People are attracted to the puzzle for different reasons and have different ways of putting it together.

When building a business and leading a team it’s important everyone sees the same picture, knows the desired outcome, and can follow the path to success. By strategizing and planning upfront, you will minimize risk and understand what can be expected on the path to your goal. Businesses have many pieces, by organizing the pieces into smaller executable strategies i.e.: sales, profit, cash flow, staffing, risk mitigation, customer acquisition, competition, market niches, expenses, etc., you will be able to quickly and efficiently begin to fit the pieces together.

Minimize Risk

Strategy and planning plays a critical role in achieving long term success in any business. It creates clarity of focus and a path for you and your team to follow that improves your chance for success. Seeing the big picture, building a plan, finding the correct pieces, and fitting the pieces together efficiently, insures that you will be more effective and successful.

In my next blog I will discuss what I refer to as Foundational Documents, the key planning elements for a Successful Business

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