Are you Seeing the Signs?

Are customer complaints dominating your social media? Do you realize that your falling sales, profits, and stock price reflect customer displeasure? The sales funnel has evolved with experts stating that there are at least 7 customer interactions before you earn a customer’s trust and they make a purchase. Too many complaints clearly identify problems and perpetuate customer mistrust.

What are you and your team doing to measure this indicator? Is the way they are solving problems creating happy customers or magnifying the problems?

Business is the simple equation of great product, at the right price, and at the right time. It encompasses people, programs, service, and marketing; whether in person or electronic. Success is simply measured by happy customers, sales and profit.

What is your company’s value proposition or points of differentiation? Do you integrate your company’s core values and mission statement into your product offerings, service, and marketing? Is it clearly identifiable by customers and employees. This creates trust and a clear guideline of how to operate for your team. Customers that overwhelmingly trust and endorse your company will provide a foundation for success!

I offer a simple customer-centric approach, focusing on financial results, team development, partnerships, and execution. My goal is to build cross-functional, motivated teams with a clear vision, standards, goals and the ability to measure performance. I’ve done this many times and can do it again for you.

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