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Antoon Management works with companies to identify market direction, operational issues, and strategic advantages that promote long-term growth and success.


We won't waste your time with questionnaires and reports. We will study your operations and market potential to identify best practices and innovative solutions that will deliver sustainable, operational efficiency and profitable growth.



Growth & Turnaround Specialist

Innovative, Forward-Thinking, Proven

George has over 30 years of experience on the forefront of emerging technologies from around the world. He has led businesses ranging from $2 million to over $1 billion in revenue including start-up, growth, and turnaround ventures.


George helps companies to identify and correct market direction, operational issues, leverage strategic advantages, and promote long-term growth and success.


  • Peace of mind knowing there's a plan for the future, and an expert driving that plan

  • Identifies Market Niche and Strategic Direction 

  • Utilizes experience from multiple industries 

  • Develops highly disciplined, results-minded teams 

  • Adept and engaging cross-functional team leadership

  • Increases cash flow and profitability 

  • Establishes efficient and effective processes

An adept and engaging leader, George excels in creating highly disciplined, strategic and results-minded teams with a customer-centric focus.

“My background developing profitable businesses, re-engineering operations, building cross-functional teams, and gaining interest and traction with investors has allowed me to accumulate a wealth of successful practices and strategies that can be employed to improve the value of your company.”


We are based on the Space Coast of Florida, but will travel to where you need help, for as long as you need our team!

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