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Antoon Executive Management provides customized solutions to help your company thrive. Our team will help you develop, grow, and sustain a profitable business over time. We address planning, operations, market niche, financials, organizational structure, leadership, sales, marketing and more.

Our corporate experience and entrepreneurial ability allows us to move more quickly and efficiently than others. We make sure all the pieces of your business are properly aligned and your brand positioning is on target. We work by your side filling key roles until your business is on its feet and your staff is trained, saving you time and money! 


  • Drive Innovation, Spark New Ideas, Identify, Develop, and Expand Markets

  • Define and Simplify systems and processes that encourages teamwork and delivers superior results in daily operations

  • Inspire, Identify, and Leverage opportunities that create positive change


Let us help you find your niche, develop your brand, organize operations, minimize expenses, maximize profits, design and implement a marketing strategy, and lead your team.


Leadership, Planning, Execution, Simplicity

Antoon Executive Management works with companies to identify market direction, operational issues, and strategic advantages that promote revenue, long-term growth, and success.


We show you how to become the leader of your business and not just an operator. Expand your customer base, clarify your market niche, and maximize the impact of your brand. Become a catalyst for change that drives results, aligns and simplifies processes / procedures, and mentors their team to grow into thinkers as well as doers.  All with the focus of growing sales, maximizing profit, and improving cash flow.


Market Analysis



Process Improvement




There are Two Types of Businesses


High Volume / Low Profit      Low Volume / High Profit


No market is ever static, success attracts competition. Peaks and valleys, seasonality, emerging technologies, changing customer preferences, fluctuations in the economy, and other market conditions exist that can impact your business.

In general, competition, market conditions, regulations, etc. will force you to reduce your costs every year in order to stay profitable. Which means you will need to grow and/or cut costs to maintain profits and remain successful.

Are you seeing what’s coming?

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"George is a very focused and strategic thinking leader. He has the rare ability to combine operational, financial and technical expertise into executable strategies that can be understood at all levels of a company. He was able to negotiate a national retail deal, implement ERP system, create corporate policies, and launch a new brand within 12 months while at Global Cellular. His strong leadership and business development skills were critical to the company's success."

Stan Robinson, CFO, Global Cellular Inc

“George is an exceptional negotiator and executive team builder. Although he does not possess a technical degree, he is able to quickly grasp the strategic impact of disruptive technologies and leverage resources to take advantage of cutting-edge research. I have a great deal of respect for George's ability to manage complexity and deliver results under challenging circumstances.”

Dr. Charles Roe, Ph.D., Founder, CTO, AlgiSys LLC

 “George has been an asset to Aerius in numerous ways. He is involved in most aspects of developing our business including assisting in business and financial planning, strategy development, sales efforts, marketing materials, and investor communications. George is able to see the big picture and develop strategies to propel us forward. He has moved us from concept to product, and has helped open the doors to companies that would otherwise be difficult and costly to penetrate. George also works well coordinating cross-functional efforts with technical teams, financial planners, product development, and investment contacts. George has always maintained a focus on profitability and expense control. He is extremely organized and detailed, and consistently offers suggestions on streamlining our organization. He was a leader within our company and respected by all members.”

N.N. (Bill) Luxon, CEO at Aerius, LLC

George has created the momentum and traction needed in helping me get my non-profit business off the ground. He worked with me to develop my plans, create the needed financial reports, identify the positions and skill sets needed to create a dynamic team, and spent hours working with me developing my marketing.


His knowledge, guidance, and efforts have allowed me to focus on the children and adults CEB Inc. strives to help both here in the USA and in Africa. What is heartening to know is that George has my best interest at the core of everything we do together. He is a wealth of knowledge and works on many of my projects.  


If any business leader is starting, rebuilding, or growing a business, I recommend contacting George Antoon. He will help you determine what’s important, how to work smarter, and achieve results faster.

Marty L Ward, Founder, Confidence Eliminates Bullying, Inc.


Increase sales and profits by honing your sales and marketing presence, fine tune
operations and processes, create actionable reporting, and a culture of high performance.


Our goal is to minimize operating expenses in every aspect of the business and tailor solutions, tools, and methodologies specifically for you and your business.

We review and support all the processes and structures of your business


Antoon Management will even help you execute plans, create actionable reporting, and train your team. 


We take pride in delivering an extraordinarily high return on your investment while working to minimize the time required for our clients to achieve maximum results. 

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